12 Days of Christmas 2012, Day 1 – Krista Bell

Welcome to the first of the 12 Days of Christmas – 2012 edition. A stellar lineup of glorious authors and illustrators are ready to share their favourite Christmas Memories – most from a while ago. And I am delighted to have a long time friend begin this year.

So here is Krista Bell with her short, lovely reflection of Christmas and pretending to be asleep. Her name just seems to have a Christmassy ring to it!


Krista Bell

I do love my rather Yuletide married name, Krista Bell, and I have always felt an affinity with the Kristamas season.

When I was very little I had the naughty pleasure of sneaking a peek at Santa through squinted eyes as I lay in bed on Christmas Eve, pretending to be asleep because I feared missing out on whatever booty he was about to leave in the stocking at the end of my bed. As Santa crept into my room I definitely saw his bright red suit.

Next day I had the pleasure of telling the entire neighbourhood of children that I had indeed seen Santa. I guess I was so proud of my achievement and so naive that I was unaware of any negative reaction from the older kids and just enjoyed the moment. It was years later that I realised my mother had worn a red dressing gown the entire summer of my precious Santa sighting.

Krista Blakeney lives in Kooyong in Victoria (Australia) and cleverly married Douglas Bell almost thirty years ago to become Krista Bell! It is 22 years since the first of her 24 books for young readers was published. Her most recent titles are picture books set in China: PEEKING DUCKS and WARRIORS. Both are published by and available from Windy Hollow Books.
And don’t forget to check out Krista’s website.

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