12 Days of Christmas, Day 3 – Sandy Fussell

Sandy Fussell is the creator of the sparkling Samurai Kids series! She lives on the NSW South Coast creating books and computering! And it was great catching up with her earlier this year … up in Queensland!

She has sent along a memory of Christmas Past and a plan for Christmas to Come!


Sandy Fussell

I didn’t see Chris’ 12 Days of Christmas post request until too late (or so she thought-cc!!) and was extremely disappointed to miss out. I am a huge Christmas junkie and love everything the celebration involves. The Christmas afternoons of my childhood were always hot and uncomfortable but it didn’t matter. Santa traditionally left a new board game under the tree and for that one special afternoon, mum and dad played too.  “You can post about what you will do in Christmas 2013,” Chris suggested. I’m always running to keep up, especially at this time of the year, so the idea of being a whole year ahead instantly appealed.

What will I do for Christmas 2013?  It’s an easy question to answer. The same thing I do every other year. For me, Christmas is about tradition. I will decorate a tree that fills the house with a wonderful earthy scent. I will gather with family and friends. I will make a concerted effort to do things for others who struggle at Christmas. I will cook all sorts of special things. I will play our growing collection of Christmas CDs (Jimmy Buffet is the favourite this year). And I will spend time in contemplation because for me, Christmas is also a very spiritual time.

One thing will change next year. There will be no Santa sack under the tree. My youngest has already long outgrown the story but his mum has found it harder to let go. However, one of the marvels of Christmas is the magic never ends. No matter how old you are. It just seeps into other things.

This is my favourite time of the year and now, I can honestly say I am already looking forward to the next one.


Sandy Fussell is a mum, a computer programmer and an author. To her surprise the three go together perfectly. Her books include the Samurai Kids series (the first title won an IBBY award), Polar Boy (shortlisted for CBCA Young Readers Book of the Year) and Jaguar Warrior. Sandy calls herself the Cinderella author, firmly convinced someone has waved a magic wand over her. Sometimes she worries the ball will end and she’ll turn back into a pumpkin.

Sandy’s latest book is Samurai Kids 7: Red Fox, the second last book in the series (sigh-cc) and you can find Sandy here at her website.


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