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Hi to the Year 2 and Year 4 students at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, Waterloo and also to Carol Carey their Deputy Principal who is the Books in Homes coordinator. We gathered in the library after lunch … and after swimming too … nice lot of wet hair too.  I am amazed that you weren’t totally washed out after your time at the swimming pool. What a blast I had with you there on Thursday afternoon. I think that we had way too much fun … you wouldn’t stop laughing at the stories that I was telling and Leticia you were a STAR with that pink hair elastic and that frizzy hair. I hope you haven’t been absorbing too many thoughts that the children and the teachers at your school have been forgetting. I sure am glad that you all let me talk with you first because once you received your bags  you couldn’t stop reading … and that is just fantasmagorical! I loved the beaming and smiling and giggling too!

Leticia the Star

Leticia the Star

Books in Homes is a wonderful initiative that helps put brand new books into the hands of disadvantaged kids three times a year … and all in beautiful bags too. Thankfully they have wonderful corporate partners like QBE insurance who today presented a rather large cheque to the Books in Homes crew. Find out more about Books in Homes and the wonderful work they do on their information page.

I look forward to visiting OLMC Waterloo again in 2013 and seeing more schools for Books In Homes.

And – just have a look at some of our fun!

Love working with the Books in Homes crew!

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