12 Days of Christmas – Michael Salmon

Today is the 10th day of our 12 Days of Christmas and here we welcome Michael Salmon. Michael has been creating kids books for ages. We have crossed paths many times over the years and I bumped into him again last year – yes in Queensland.

Here is his very boyish reflection of Christmas – and homemade ice cream (in winter).


Michael Salmon

Back in 1955 I was 6 years old and my family was living in a little town called Girton, just outside Cambridge in England. It started snowing on Christmas Eve and we were sitting in front of a log fire listening to the carols being broadcast directly from the Kings College Cathedral.

In the morning there was that beautiful white snow carpet over everything and my mother had made homemade ice-cream, frozen in it’s dish on the water tank outside.

I unwrapped my presents, YAY! … A ‘Roy Rogers’ Cowboy outfit with an additional present ….. A Wyatt Earp long nose cap pistol! Could a young man ask for more!


Michael has also sent along some artwork for his recent title The Australian 12 Days of Christmas … amazingly this titles was first created 25 years ago in 1988. It has been reformatted for this Down-under version. And because this is the tenth day of our 12 Days I have added Michael’s art for that day (as well as the Kookaburra in a gum tree).

Wombats Washing


Michael was  born in Wellington New Zealand in 1949 and currently lives in Kooyong in Victoria. He has been involved in children’s graphics, literature, television and theatre since 1967. Author and illustrator of 165 books, Michael spends much of his time visiting Schools around the country encouraging students to develop their own creativity. In 2011, the ACT Government erected a bronze statue in tribute to his ABC-TV character ‘Alexander Bunyip’ … from his first book ‘The Monster that ate Canberra’ (1972).

You can find out more about Michael in his cave (which fronts as his website).   


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