12 Days of Christmas – Kim Michelle Toft

For the 11th Day of these 12 Days of Christmas here is the award winning creator Kim Michelle Toft. She creates wonderful environmentally focussed children’s books. The illustrations are screened from silk and her love for the marine environment is obvious.

Here is Kim’s loving reflection of the family Christmas at Nana’s house.


Kim Michelle Toft

As a child Christmas Day was always spent at my Nana’s house which was set on a couple of acres. I would arrive a few days before and help my Uncle Kevin go into the bush and cut down a pine tree which was then decorated with handmade decorations. It took pride and place on the large undercover veranda where the festivities were always held. The whole extended family would arrive bright and early Christmas morning and presents placed under the tree. My uncle would then don the Santa hat, distribute the presents and we would open them altogether. Being an only child I loved all my cousins being there to play with and we would run around well into the night. Often we would use the hose as our microphone to sing songs to our captive audience of adults.

As weary as we all were after Christmas Day, my Mum would back it up with Boxing Day at our house in the ‘burbs’ of Brisbane. This tradition stayed with my family until my Nan passed away at the age of 92. I will always cherish those childhood memories and perhaps one day when my own daughter has children I will be the Nana having Christmas at her house.


As these are the 12 Days of Christmas I wanted to drop in the cover of Kim’s gorgeous Christmas title which is available from her website:

Underwater 12 Days

So many of the folks for this year’s 12 Days have a link to Queensland! Kim now lives in Lennox Head NSW  but she grew up in Sherwood in Brisbane and her Nana’s place was on the way to the Gold Coast.

And of course you must look at Kim’s website and those luscious silk crafted works – some from the books and others original works of art!


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  1. Our family loves everything about Christmas. Kim’s Christmas memories sound beautiful, what a lovely tradition to have. Our Christmas is all about the extended family gathering around and sharing love and laughs with each other and creating wonderful memories and traditions. The cover of Kim’s book is really lovely, I will have to take a look.

    Brisbane Kids September 18, 2013 at 10:31 am Reply

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