12 Days of Christmas – Tania Cox

We are now on our 9th day of these 12 Days of Christmas. Today we have a beautiful reflection of family, food and peeks to discover Santa Claus from Tania Cox. This Christmas memory also has a very Australian flavour to it – there is after all a game of cricket too! 

Enjoy Tania’s lovely memory! 


Tania Cox

My Christmas memories on my family’s North Queensland farm begin at Christmas Eve with the countless trips out of my bed to see if Santa had arrived. Fatigue eventually won, but only for a few hours. Then I’d be up again at daybreak with my older sister and two younger brothers to see what Santa delivered. After a  morning of playing with new toys, we’d get ready for the feast my mother prepared. The chatty Christmas lunches with my parents, sister, brothers, nonnas and nonnos are still vivid in my mind. And how could I possibly forget the smell  of roast turkey, potatoes, pumpkins and garlic bread which filled the house. Then there was  my mother’s speciality – the trifle. Absolutely scrumptious.

Later in the afternoon, our cousins would arrive. I can still hear my older sister shout, “Quick! Hide your new toys.  Or else they’ll get broken!”  Some of our cousins were a touch on the wild side. Experience had taught us that hiding our Christmas toys was the safest and happiest option.

My mother would produce  afternoon tea fit for royalty for all the relations. My cousins and I  would go walking around the farm or play ‘crash!’ (sorry Mum about the window!) a game of cricket amongst the free roaming chickens.

By sunset everyone started going home. Another Christmas was nearly over.

Being a parent now, it amazes me how my mother managed Christmas with the ‘Santa thing’ and four children madly opening presents in the morning with paper being tossed left, right and centre. Then to top it all off, she would  have a hot roast lunch with all the trimmings at noon.  Obviously, they don’t make mothers like they used to,  because I now struggle just getting to my mother’s place for Christmas lunch on time with three children. Let alone prepare a banquet! How did she do it? Amazing. As a child I was totally oblivious to the strategic planning parents did behind the scenes for Christmas Day. It would have to rival any military plan in history!

Here’s to a wonderful Christmas to everyone.

– Tania


Tania Cox lives in the lovely town of Ayr in Northern Queensland (there have been a few entries this year with the Queensland link). She camouflages herself during the day as a chauffeur, mediator, combat medic, bathroom patrol officer, bedtime party pooper etc  etc  and at night as a children’s picture book author.   Her latest books feature a frightened dinosaur (Millie’s Special Something)  and  a bush walk of discovery (With Nan)  and  family antics in What Makes My Mum Happy and What Makes My Dad Happy.

More information about Tania and her books can be found at www.taniacox.com and https://www.facebook.com/taniacox.books. Do go and have a peek!


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