Hey SCBWI Eastern PA

Thanks to Marilyn Hershey, that fantastic Regional Advisor for the Eastern Pennsylvania SCBWI chapter who last year convinced me (okay it didn’t take a lot of convincing) to come a few days early to the Winter SCBWI conference, which begins this coming Friday, and spend part of the weekend with her crew for a picture book workshop day.

We chit chatted about all things Picture Books – from a writer’s perspective – with a special look at my new book Python (which is just about to hit the bookshelves here). We then jumped into a brief chat on marketing and book trailers and the daily activities of a writer … and a whole lot more. A while was spent coming up with and sharing ideas and there was a little bit of individual critiquing too. It’s amazing the buzzing sounds that were floating around the room and some of the cracker story ideas these folk are generating. We began at 9 am but all too soon 3.30 pm came along and I was winding up after barely tipping the surface.

I have been twittered and tweeted and sketched and whatever else was done too a few times this day so thanks for that. What a buzz being here with the EPA crew. And this sketch below will be added to my website when I get back home!

And did I mention that on arrival at the hotel there was a box waiting for me from the lovely Candlewick folk containing copies of Python. How slitheringly wonderful to have it in my hands and compare the different covers and devour the pages all over again. Ooh yes it is like Christmas!

As an aside (and nothing to do whatsoever with the workshop except that I am staying at the hotel) I have decided that I do not really like strawberry shortcake for desert … too much cream and not enough strawberry!

And now to New York!



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  1. I am proud to have been one of the “busy bees” this past weekend. Thank you, Chris, for a dynamic and inspirational day.

    Wendy Greenley January 29, 2013 at 5:40 am Reply

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