Hi Bank St College & the Little Red School House

WOW – what fun it was getting in to a school and telling stories here in New York.

Thanks to Anne and the Candlewick team for arranging my visits this morning to Bank Street School and the Little Red School House. They are beautiful schools. And thanks to the two Jennifers at both schools for gathering the troops. I absolutely loved visiting the classes this morning. It really is amazing. It doesn’t matter whether I am in a school in Australia or a school in New York, the kids (both young and not so young) giggle at the same jokes and ooh at the same description and yuk at the same phrases and go argh at the same scary parts in the stories! And kids all over the place love talking about the toiling procedures of hand-raising animals. We also talked about zoos and animals (especially pythons and bats) and pets (and the responsibilities that go with having a pet) and conservation and respect and the making of my book Python … and I am sure there is a heap more that we talked about. Blimey we can cram a whole lot in to a short chit chat. Of course because I talk too much the kids didn’t get a chance to ask all their questions … but we grabbed a few.

It sure was a task getting there. My hotel is slap bang in the middle of the two schools and New York taxi drivers … well they are much like the Sydney ones! and they ask the same question – Which way you like to go? 

Most of these are snaps from Bank Street School. I was so flustered when i arrived at the Little Red School House that i forgot to pass my camera across for some snaps. Sigh. Next time.


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  1. Thanks, Chris, for bringing back some wonderful memories. I did a little of my student teaching at Bank Street School…a million years ago.:) Diane Tulloch urged me to connect with you (she is one of my online critique partners). I live in Colorado now…but will be speaking at the 2013 AFCC in May and I see from the speakers’ list that you are going to be there as well. I look forward to meeting you then. It looks like a spectacular conference!

    viviankirkfield February 1, 2013 at 3:32 pm Reply
  2. Looks like everyone had a fun day! The nation of children is international in curiosity isn’t it! Loved the blackboard entry behind your “explaining pythons” photo to “Dear Fairness experts”

    Victor Davidson February 2, 2013 at 7:09 am Reply

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