It’s COLD and Snowy

Yes it is …

Last night (Wednesday) was rather cold. In fact it was freezing – literally. How do I know this? Not because I had to cover myself with double blankets. It was because the bottles of water and oranges which were left out out on the balcony overnight became frozen bottles of water and oranges which if you think about it works just as well as a refrigerator and is a lot cheaper too!

And just to reaffirm that I am not in Sydney at the moment I woke up this morning and what sight greeted me outside the lounge room window? The white stuff … it’s snowing. Welcome to North America in winter where I am spending a few days gathering my thoughts and catching up with friends before shooting off for the first major gathering for 2013.

This afternoon, after I finally surfaced (it took a little while to get going this morning as my body clock was still attuned to Sydney) it was off for lunch where the destination also happened to be a wonderful independent bookstore – Politics and Prose, which is a perfect fit being so close to Washington DC.

This bookstore with a range of books that will meet just about any particular quirk, want, need, fancy or desire has spread its tentacles over two floors and is rather impressive. There is even a whole floor, albeit the lower ground floor, devoted to the glories of children’s books! Yeah! That could only be perfected if the main floor was all for kids but that sure won’t happen! The shelves are covered with glorious books and when the titles are face out (as authors and illustrators are want to do if they visit any book store and they see their title) the are multiple copies of the book sitting behind just waiting for some loving reader to snaffle them up!

Alas Candlewick’s edition of Python has not made it to the shelves yet. It is due for release here next month. Well of course I searched for my own book!

Even more impressive than the range of books was the action within the store’s walls. There were a number of activities and classes going on in the middle of the day and it wasn’t just a one off. Politics and Prose publish a wonderful quarterly calendar of planned activities. Discussion classes, reading groups, writing classes, technique and analysis, information gathering and many more for kids and for adults are programmed. Politics and Prose even has an instant book printing facility. And to entice customers to stay there is a quaint little cafe / coffee house too that creates rather large sandwiches – at least large for this Aussie’s mouth! They even make tea with leaves spooned straight from the jar into the tea bag which could only be bettered if the tea was a richly flavoured smokey tea served in a china teapot straight from the tea house.

This place was buzzing with activity and the staff really know books. And yes, the staff (and they were everywhere to be seen) were even overheard talking about books and book creators. So if you are heading this way, then stop for a bite and buy a book here at Politics and Prose.

Three cheers for awesome independent book stores!



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