Python in the Library – Waterloo

Thursday was a terrific time for me at the Waterloo branch of the City of Sydney Library. Of course with Year of the Snake approaching what better book to feature than Python! Thanks to Jess from Australian Wildlife Displays for coming to the library with Princess again. Princess of course is the gorgeous Diamond Python – I just love Diamond pythons!

Thursday was a rather humid and muggy day and warm and so Princess was a just a little restless. While Princess was out of the carrier she spent most of her time all around Jess sliding (I initially typed in crawling here but as we all know snakes don’t have legs and one really needs legs for crawling). She didn’t seem to simply rest snuggly so after I chit chatted for a while we quickly had her back in her cooler bag.

It was just wonderful to see so many beaming faces and kids (and the adults) that loved having a close look at Princess.

Some interesting questions anout snake legs, and eyes and breathing and smelling and even a questions about toileting – for the snake.

And thanks to Beth and the City of Sydney Library folk who grabbed me for this gathering!

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