ALIA Information Online 2013

Yesterday saw me presenting in Brisbane at the ALIA Information Online 2013 Conference. The theme is Think Different – Be Different so I fitted in perfectly after all I have always been different.

First was a Lighning Talk session – modelled on the TED talks. I have never done one of these so this was awesome fun but being limited to a 7 minute talk was just crackers. For me that was soooo hard to do and even though I did practice my talk over and over again in the days leading up to the conference and then again in the hotel room in the morning, where I did get the words out in under 7 minutes, once I was standing on that stage in the Brisbane Convention Centre those 7 minutes flew by. All too rapidly the 5 minute bell was rung and I was barely halfway through BUT I did get my plug in for totally brilliant teacher librarians! Preaching to the converted I know. There is an info page post about the Lightning Talk Session as well as a video that has been doing the rounds … hummmm … didn’t go viral through! And below is the after presenting shot of us all. Was great seeing Sue (from National Year of Reading) again too.


Then I was presenting an afternoon keynote sharing the stage with John Birmingham. Our session was about the need today to Be Different as authors and how the digital world has impacted our working lives …. easy one that one too! I didn’t hear a bell for that one (at least this time I had 12 minutes) but I think that i went a little over time again too. A few questions from the Chair, a few questions for the audience and another hour had flown by! Great fun sharing this keynote and listening to John. And he was very digital. His presentation was on his iPad. I talked to my keynote slides … which even included one of me in year 5 at Primary School.

And it seems as though I was twitted and tweeted quite a bit at this session especially when I showed the trailer for my picture book Sounds Spooky!! That will boost the counters!



Final speaking gig was in the late afternoon with the Brisbane collective of Apple Distinguished Educators – a really terrify bunch of folk who are flying with Apple products gathered by Joe Perkins. I think I talked a lot then too cause all of a sudden the wind picked up and the sun was lowering in the sky! We chit chatted about Apps, publishing and ebooks as well as all things Apple and digital and the necessity for the creations to be the best they can be. And of course my hobby horse with digital publishing (that appeared at my earlier sessions too) – you still have to have a really good story, along with my second shout out – just because it can go whiz bang, doesn’t mean that it should! Lots of great chit chatting with the folks.

A fun and talkative day!



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