Strand Books – Amazing

Wow and wow and wow.

The buzz in this store is just infections. I dined last night with my dear friend Samantha Berger but before that exquisite experience she wanted to show me a real New York literary treasure and this is it … Strand Books. What a place to hang out. It would be a snap to spend hours in here just being totally absorbed by the pages and the hummm of activity and the warmth within the walls. It is a book-lovers paradise.

Strolling down the street following perfect directions I stumbled upon books being sold outside in the mild but cool evening air.  They were all well displayed on book shelves and the books were of course used but it didn’t register in this brain that this was my destination – it couldn’t be the store with books outside on the footpath!! Then around the corner was the entrance and what did I see? Shelves from floor to ceiling stacked with books arranged in all manner of genres, including some valuable first editions and I think those of an antiquarian disposition. There were branded bags, yes I have purchased one or two, mugs, and much more book and book product related merchandise.

That was downstairs. Then it was time to scale the stairs to the children’s section … just magical. Shelves and shelves with bays and bays of kids books from floor to ceiling. There were kids books galore, recently published and not so recently published. And there on the shelves at waist height was Python. Amazing because it is not released for a few weeks yet. Tingled with buzzing was I. Sam told one of the staff about the book and the author “that’s him there” (or words to that effect, and the next thing I knew the book were pulled from the shelf and I was standing at the counter signing all copies of my book. The books were stickerred but they weren’t returned to the shelves spine out (there isn’t enough room for them to be face ut in the picture books). Oh no. They were prominently displayed at the register.

The kids section has tables and chairs, at which adults were seated, a floor to plonk one’s body upon, branded school lunch bags, games, staff who know and love kids books, and sooooo many books. Lots of events and happenings in this store too. Hooray – such fun!

Love books? Then Strand Books is a Must-See on any visit to New York. They make books LIVE. But beware. It won’t be a quick visit … but it will be very, very worth your while.


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  1. Wow, it’s so BUSY! And I see loads of lovely STUFF!!!

    Bini February 1, 2013 at 4:43 pm Reply

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