14th Winter Conference – Saturday

What a blast was Saturday of the Winter Conference …


  • upbeat booksellers talking about what’s selling,
  • editors and art directors revealing what hooks them, in lots of breakout sessions,
  • art browse where we were able to view some of the stunning art by the general membership,
  • feasting at the cocktail party with mashed potato and toppings in champagne glasses – true … it is quite a treat … all the while talking to our regional international members. Exquisite cakes too!
  • after the official stuff it was an evening of gossiping and sharing news and networking,
  • and of course …

The fantasmagorical Shaun Tan delivering his keynote – Internal Migrations. He was just brilliant and it was new and fresh, different to any other talk that i have heard from him. Shaun talked about his art and his inspiration and the story of migration that appears in his work. People were in awe of his ability and skill and his accessibility. He stayed for ages after his talk and continued chatting to folks. At times it seemed that the line just would not end! It was a long, long line but he made it through … with a glass of water or two.

Shaun was a HIT!


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