Look at My Desk – Susan Eaddy

Welcome to the latest Look at my Desk! Two weeks ago when it was planned to start this latest offering I was in New York at the SCBWI Winter Conferecne so this one was slightly delayed but I am thrilled to bits to have on board Susan Eaddy. I spent a bit of time with Susan in Bologna last year at the Book Fair and I knew as soon as I saw her amazing artwork that she should be here.

So here is the terrific Susan Eaddy where you can find out how important pizza boxes are to her!



I begin my job every day with clean hands. Within 15 minutes those hands are bright green, or purple, or whatever! and I am indulging in the sheer joy of playing with clay. I make all of my illustrations with modeling clay, and here is a peek at my studio.

My commute is short. Up the stairs, turn to the left and the whole attic is MINE! Drawers full of clay, counters full of tools, flat files full of clay reliefs & printed pieces. That’s a heating pad under my clay to keep it workable in the winter. In the summer, I have to cool off the stickiness with a turkey roaster pan full of ice! Turn to the right and you will find my teeny-tiny photo studio. The space is just right for small people and hobbits and clay reliefs that do not move as they are being photographed. I store my finished pieces in pizza boxes, on my studio shelves and underneath every bed in the house.

Here is a clip of Susan at work:

Susan’s recent publications include:

First Look at Rescue Vehicles, First Look at Aircraft, First Look at Trucks  (all with Smithsonian/Soundprints) and Papa Fish’s Lullaby (Northwords)

And you can find out more about Susan at her website so do drop along and vist her. Thanks to Susan for kicking off the latest glimpses into the creative spaces of authors and illustrators.

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