Winter Conference Intensives & Winnie the Pooh

And so the 14th SCWBI Winter Conference does begin … well sort of.

Friday is the intensives at the winter conference for writers and illustrators and they are always booked out. Lots of discussion and collaboration and sharing going on in these rooms.


Writer's Roundtable

Writer’s Roundtable

Those of us who are already intensified, or who were too late in registering ended up doing our own thing and of course first port of call for a few of us was to see Winnie the Pooh under the real lights. This was at the Children’s Centre of the New York City Library on 42nd Street. This exhibit case must be seen – especially if you grew up adoring Winnie. These are the REAL Winnie the Pooh characters, hand-crafted and stitched and upon which the stories were based. I just wanted to reach in and grab Winnie. Love the Pooh! Last year’s visit to New York had the characters in the exhibition in a darkened room same ones that I posted about last year when we were here in New York. There was also a display case with Dr Seuss¬†hats but a snap of that I couldn’t take as there was a rather prominent No Photograph sign and a rather eagle eyed guard surveying the scene.


Another port of visitation this morning was Grand Central Station. Today is the 100th birthday of the opening of the station and it was a rather large party. Police and police dogs everywhere, marching bands (didn’t see those) lots of speeches, and lots of celebratory happenings. The queue for the commemorative stamp was enormous. I have seen the station a few times but for the first time I saw the small patch of ceiling that was left in the pre-restoration condition – it looks like a vent so it is often missed. Prior to the 70’s restoration the stations was a dump and was nearly going to be torn down. In the evening we were back and just stared at the frenetic pace that was going on in the station concourse to and from the entrances and tracks. It really is like an ants nest.

Back to conferencing and this evening was the VIP invited guests Wine and Cheese night around the submitted art portfolios. I don’t know how the judges decide the winners. To us mere mortals it is an impossible choice. There are some absolutely exquisite works that absolutely stand out from the rest of the pack. In addition to the SCBWI team the VIPs are from the industry and being in New York City there is a rather lot of the industry around. Agents, editors and publishers all walked through the doors. It’s a deal time but it’s also a time for schmoozing and networking – lots of that was done.

But the day does not end there. The conclusion to the day was the after activities gathering in the local restaurants – or more likely in the bar at the hotel.

Intensives Day … done!

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