Chinese Heritage and Writing

Last year I received an email from Dr Margaret Zeegers, Assoc. Prof at Ballarat University and she had been trying to touch base with me for yonks! Her request was for an article for one of the journals published by ALEA (Australian Literacy Educators’ Association) ….

What I was thinking of was a sort of reflective piece on what prompted you to do Chinese ancestry books … how you constructed the characters and the Chinese positionings in this country when you did them, ….

That was a thrill and even more so to have the article done and dusted and published in the journal Practically Primary last October (yes it is a little late dropping it up here but I simply forgot to add it … and I have just written another article on Poetry too).

Interested? Then here is the start of the article:

Currently, I have three Chinese historical fiction titles published and each of these has been crafted in different ways. Two titles are in the My Australian Story series (MAS), New Gold Mountain and The Melting Pot, and also one for the Making Tracks series (National Museum of Australia), Seams of Gold. Initially it wasn’t my idea to write the first of my Chinese themed historical fiction titles. At that stage I had written mostly non-fiction titles but I certainly knew a little about the history and the impact of the Chinese migration to Australia – mostly from the studies in school, and not from stories told through the family. My father was an immigrant of the 1950s. I knew how important the Chinese people and their practices were to the development of modern day Australia but I didn’t have a crushing desire to tell these stories initially ….

Want more? Then the full article can be read here: Chinese Heritage article in Practically Primary Journal

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