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It’s great having bookish friends for lots of years and even though Krista lives in the southern half of the country we still have bumped into each other and communicated with each other for ages so of course I am thrilled to have her desk feature today! Next time I am down that way I am stopping in for a sit on the lounge and attention from Storm!!

So now – for this post, we get to have a Look at the Desk, the Creative Space of Krista Bell.


Krista Bell


We bought our 1930s art deco house, ‘Baarrooka’ (like ducks resting on water!), seven years ago this week and then renovated. As I needed a dedicated creative space we extended the tiny third bedroom into a spacious library with fold-out sofa to accommodate guests. I then needed a large desk, but found nothing I liked and could afford.

Eventually, scrounging around in a warehouse full of junk, I spotted an abused art deco dining room table made of oak and stained black. It was covered with a plethora of rusting paint cans and dead vacuum cleaners! The guy laughed when I enquired about its price, but agreed to strip it back, polish it and deliver it to me for a song! He almost cried when he finally put it in place in my library, asking if I really wanted it, because he could sell it for a far higher price as a dining table!

My desktop wooden ducks remind me of my trip to China in 2007, the inspiration for both PEEKING DUCKS and WARRIORS. I keep books about Italy on my desk (am loving ITALIANISSIMO) to focus on my writing stories for children set in Italy. During my annual solo adventure in Italy, I study the language for a few weeks in exotic places like Verona, Firenze and Taormina, Sicily, as well as researching story ideas, so naturally my suitcases are always at the ready beside my desk! My wall calendar is of course entitled ITALIA!

Although we live right on the train line, 12 kms from the city, my library is a peaceful haven with garden views on two sides. My very laid-back dog, ‘Storm’ keeps me company and helps make difficult decisions as I draft my stories and read them out loud to her! The only disagreement we ever have is that she goes crazy if I speak to her in Italian. The irony is that she enjoys watching Inspector Rex dvd’s on my iMac, especially when he barks his lines!


Krista will very, very shortly have a new look website so do have a look at that. And of course new books too … Peeking Ducks is terrify and I have seen Warriors … it’s just wonderful!

Thanks Krista for sharing your creative space!


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  1. Thanks, Chris. Storm is very excited about making it to the small screen – and I am hopeful my new website will be live within this next week! Fingers crossed. Happy Saturday in Sydney – Melbourne is sunny and gorgeous, again! Cheers, Krista

    kristabellbooks March 2, 2013 at 9:39 am Reply

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