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Today we sneak a look into the creative space and the desk of the creative and fun Norman Jorgensen from Western Australia who created last year’s Crystal Kite Award winning book with James Foley. Norman has been creating great children’s books for ages – I even have a signed copy of one of his Ashe titles from last century!


 Norman Jorgensen

What do I create?  As you can see from the photos, mostly a mess. In fact, I wrote two books, A Fine Mess and Another Fine Mess 002, about two teenage boys, Mike and Woody, who unintentionally create mess and mayhem everywhere they go, including burning down the school, destroying the showgrounds and causing major embarrassment and the biggest mess imaginable.

I’ve also created several serious books, including a picture book called In Flanders Fields, which was illustrated by Brian Harrison–Lever and went on to win the Children’s Book Council’s Picture Book of the Year, and so ever since,  I’m introduced as award-winning writer, Norman Jorgensen. How good is that, eh?

My latest project, a picture book illustrated by James Foley, is The Last Viking and is about an imaginative  young boy who is helped by the spirits of the Norse Gods when he is being bullied. It was so much fun working with James that we are going to do the sequel together.

Norman's Viking mates

On my desk are my Monitor  Mascots, those toys in the picture, that sit in front on my screen to keep me company on the long lonely road from Page One until to The End. There’s a Viking ship which helped with my Viking book, a Pirate Captain who I’m hoping will bring me luck for my next novel, The Smugglers’ Curse, as well as a Roman Centurion, because I like history, and a little golden Buddha, simply because I like his gentle view of life, and I like his smile.

Norman's Creative Space

My desk is nothing special. It’s made from chipboard and Laminex sourced from exotic locations like Bunnings (a bulk hardware store),  but it really should be an antique mahogany desk imported from one of Henry VIII castles, or even King Richards III’s. That would be better, but, hey, one enormous best seller and I’m off to the UK to select the perfect one personally.

My office is a studio at the back of my garden, down a winding pathway and surrounded by huge trees.  Our house was built in 1906, so the trees have had plenty of time to grow tall, so they keep the office shaded and cool. Sometimes it is bit too comfortable and I have real trouble describing a storm at sea in the English Channel, for instance,  when I’m 20,000 kilometres away and sitting in a soft chair in dappled Australian sunlight listening to magpies warbling. It can take a stretch of the imagination.

My Creative Space would be so much better without Facebook or Google. I have no discipline as far as they are concerned and I get so easily distracted. Perhaps if I’d been to school where they are nuns they may have installed more discipline in me. If they had taught me to type too, that may have been really useful as well.


Another desk with mascots and stimulus. Do have a look at Norman’s Creative Space and his website and then also check out the blog for The Last Viking. It also has a great trailer:


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