Hong Kong – Days Five & Six

So what happened to Sunday’s post you might well ask.

We had planned on taking an outdoor adventure or two to some of the markets but our feet were still singing and then when the skies darkened and it became rather ugly we decided instead it was a day of rest (of sorts). We had a quieter day with a little bit of shopping and a touch of eating out at the local fast food eateries (Western and Asian) and then dinner with the relatives. That was a blast Рmeeting more relatives. There was a lot of talking and not so much feasting during that meal.

But be warned, our shopping involved dragons so there will be more dragons appearing on these pages soon!!

Monday though has been feasting and meeting and chatting and marketing and strolling and pottering around.

The weather hasn’t improved. It is still inclement but that doesn’t stop us completely, although our plan on taking a harbour cruise on the Star Ferry around the harbour has been set for tomorrow – we hope. But lunch is always on. Today’s was with Gavin McDougall from the Australian Consulate General here in Hong Kong. We first met last year when I was here for the literary festival so it was great to catch up and chit chat once again – with a bit of plotting and planning too. The food was Italian dining here in Hong Kong – just scrumptious – and the Maitre d spoke with an Italian accent too!

Guess Who - my cousin

Guess Who – my cousin

A short bus ride from WanChai to Central and we were at the studios of my awesome cousin Barney Cheng. One question – where the heck does he get the ideas for those exquisite gowns that he creates? Just check out his website and you will discover how clever he is! And some of the material he uses is expensive, very, Very, VERY expensive. What fun it was to spend some time with him.

With this rather ugly and very inconsiderate weather our planned ferry ride around the harbour was misted out, so while were taking the regular ferry across the harbour to join the trip we decided, as we were chugging along and getting just a little damp, to take a trip to the markets instead – especially the Goldfish Markets where there are bags after bags of fish, not just goldfish, waiting to find homes. There are also shops selling aquariums and aquatic supplies as well. Large boxes of fish arrive at the stores daily for I spied the shop owners scooping miniscule fish out of buckets into plastic bags which were then hung onto frames for sale. Parents and maids were showing little children the bagged fish which were poked and oggled, but there were also bags of fish being carried away – presumably to already prepared home aquariums. I am surprised how popular this must be, but then with apartment living fish are just perfect pets!

Ladies Market is a popular tourist destination so we took a stroll back through that towards the harbour. Cheap copy goods are easily purchased from any of the stalls and many bargains are assumed … It’s good to see but we avoided purchasing much there at all.

Tired feet were singing once again after a hard day of meandering the streets of Hong Kong so rather than stroll all the way back to the very we succumbed and found the MTR for a trip back to our hotel – but not before we made our daily evening stop into Maxim’s for a bun or two for quelling the midnight rumbles. Yummy!

a Pho Feast

a Pho Feast

And all the best laid plans of Chris and Bini have come to naught more than once today and tonight was no exception. Tonight we were supposed to watch the harbour light show Рthe same show that we have been trying to see on our recent   trips here but alas, a slow dinner (which was a tasty Vietnamese feast at a local eatery called Pho) and a misty cloudy night has completely thwarted that plan. NO light show. Argh!

Tomorrow could be rather busy!


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  1. Ho Chris! Just heard you’re in HK, I hope you are having a great time here! I’m friends with Janete Mann and she told me that she has been sending you some emails about me. I do fashion photography and I just opened a fashion blog called Courtesy Of Otis. Anyway, Janete also told me that you cousin is Barneys Cheng (WOW!) and we were trying to contact you so I could contact him and I would INSANELY APREIATE IT! It would be an honor to meet him. Hope too meet you too and that you keep enjoying of beautiful Hong Kong!

    Javier Martinez April 25, 2013 at 9:12 am Reply

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