Hong Kong – Day Seven … FOOD!

Beware …. this post has a LOT of FOOD!

What a way to spend the day – well at least much of the day.

What did we do? We spent hours EATING with my cousin at the Peak Lookout restaurant. Absolutely lip licking scrumptious. Just look at these snaps further down of the food which we consumed.

Before the feasting begins

Before the feasting begins

Our lunch was supposed to be short one near Barney’s studio in-between his busy schedule – after which we two were to set off to visit the Peak … no matter what the weather … but as happened yesterday the best laid plans of Chris and Bini are often changed and this time Barney’s plans changed too! Thankfully Barney was able to join us at the Peak, he drove while we trammed, and then it was straight into the restaurant. Our normal light lunch turned out to be a gastronomic feast. We ate and we talked and we ate and we chatted and we ate and then paused while we ordered desert and then we ate and chatted some more. We settled on chicken and mayo chicken meals but then the seafood platter was spotted and oh dear, lunch just grew! We peeled prawns, ripped apart lobsters, slipped out oysters, and scooped out clams … and that was all before our main meals!

And hooray – the clouds have parted, the sun is shining and it is glorious so we took a sunlit walk around the Peak. Seeing Hong Kong and the massive buildings and towering apartment blocks from up here really shines a light on the vast development that has gone on. The shapes of some of the buildings are quite impressive seemingly like architects trying to design something crazier than that which stands nearby. On the ground Hong Kong seems just as crazy as I remember from my very early holidays to this place but up here from the Peak Hong Kong seems like field of enormous termite mounds that just continually grows upon itself with so much life going on within the mound. Our walk around the Peak was a necessity after so much eating and then it was the tram ride back down.

Tonight dinner has been skipped! We can’t squeeze anything in! All stomachs are filled – completely.

Love Hong Kong! Alas this trip is just about done!


2 Responses to Hong Kong – Day Seven … FOOD!

  1. Be careful! Excessive consumption is an occupational hazard in Hong Kong – truly one of the world’s cuisine capitals! Within the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hong Kong is renowned among diplomats as a “Ten kilogram posting” – referring to the additional bodyweight one will acquire while working here!

    Gavin McDougall April 24, 2013 at 12:20 pm Reply
  2. Glad you saw some views and some sun! See you again in a month, and hope to see Bini too before too long.

    mio April 25, 2013 at 6:59 pm Reply

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