Hong Kong – Day Three

We love museums and galleries so this morning it was a quick MTR ride and out and a short stroll through exquisite arcades to the Hong Kong Art Museum. On display were beautifully painted scrolls in the traditional Chinese style. I am amazed when I see western artwork that was painted in the 1600s but some of the artwork goes way back past that and the sculptures were even older … some were B.C. Amazed … hummm flabbergasted would be a better word. How can works of art be that old!

I had forgotten the significance of bats in Chinese culture but after today’s museum visit and seeing the glorious bats … now I know why I have always had an affinity with bats.

A ferry ride across the harbour back to Central, a stop at mu Uncle’s offices and then back here to the hotel before a night at the movies.

Weather has been steamy and humid and just a bit on the inclement side. Today the weather creators were supposed to send much thunderstorm activity (which is why we did Disneyland yesterday) but there were NO storms – just lots of cloud floating by which creates beautiful patterns in the sky. But if I had not carried the umbrellas it would surely have rained!

Another trip back into town tonight (did we get the MTR discount? who knows) – we are very proficient at travelling the MTR and zipping around Hong Kong) and up to the office to meet my uncle. A short walk and then drive we were off picking up some of my uncle’s grandkids and off to the movies! Way too much fun too because we stopped off to get some nibbles to eat in the car on the way – barbecued beef and skewers of eel and chicken wings … glorious! Movie done then it was time for MORE food – wonton soup properly done Chinese style. Oh scrumptious and oh so delicious.

Just love hanging out with the relos and catching up on the family tales.


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