Hong Kong – We Made It.

Yes we did. It was a later arrival and so now we are here Day One in Hong Kong. We arrived very late in the evening and after a slow morning start it was time to do some walking to stroll off the airplane lag and the weariness and get acclimatised to the steam, mist and humidity … just love it here!

Today was also a day of catching up with Hong Kong folks and letting them know we had arrived. First a visit to my aunt who was surprised, but not as surprised as she was a few years ago when we dropped in. Maybe she is getting use to this near annual surprise visit from Australia. A walk around Causeway Bay and then lunch – total vegetarian – even imitation sushi. More walking in the afternoon and then with travel weariness sinking in we high-tailed in back to the hotel for a cup of tea and then prepared for dinner.

Prior to dinner there was an invitation only gathering in the forecourt of the mall – and we weren’t invited. So a quick dash upstairs and we joined the uninvited and were entranced listening to the wonderful piano playing – and even more amazed when no one clapped his excellence. More amazement then when he left the stage and other music begins – to applause. It was then that we realised what the applause was for as the models came out and the flashlights stated popping. It was a  fashion launch — wrong priorities!

Dinner was exceptionally excellent … which always happens when it is left in the care of Mio. As well as fine dining tonight was a SCBWI gathering with the delightful Mio Debnam (RA Hong Kong) and Kathleen Ahrens (IRAC), Susan Eaddy (who happened to be in town, via China, from the USA) and the two of us. Wonderful food, great chit chatting, a bit of plotting and planning and more food … thank you Mio! Anywhere in the world and the SCBWI tribe gathers … that truly is magical!

Now Day One is done!



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