Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2013 – Day 1

Well it’s not exactly Day 1 of the festival as it has been going since Saturday but it is day one for ME at the beautiful National Library of Singapore – the view from the POD (the top floor) is exquisite.

National Library

National Library

Here I am in Singapore and today’s treasure was holding in my hands my NEW picture book Water. How delicious but alas no picture of that yet! Most of the folks who arrived yesterday had their own copy in their satchels so when I rolled in to breakfast this morning there were lots of congrats for my book. I want my book!

Today was also a day of seminars on and there was also scheduled time for those of us who were judging the Picture Book Award to get together and thrash out the winner. No thrashing was required because we had already decided the winner a few weeks ago. So what do we do with out scheduled time? We go to lunch instead. How amazing too was our lunch. Not only can we the judges from all different parts of the globe, all decide on a winner without being locked in a room, we all decided to feast on the same food for lunch and the following snaps show …

Today’s activities were mostly seminars with the Writer’s and Illustrators component starts tomorrow. There were a few meetings to attend, including an impromptu pre-board meeting as well as some catch up time with lots of friends. And that all began over the breakfast table with Mio – they had to shift us to a bigger table … which we have booked for breakfast.

A new addition to AFCC has been the host nation and this year was Malaysia so tonight’s dining was all Malaysian themed – spicey and delicious. We were also treated to a fantastic dramatic interpretation of a Malaysian picture book, presented in dance and song by a hugely talented group of students from Malaysia – all 13-16 year olds. They put an amazing amount of work into their creation and the costumes were exotic.

And I can’t let todays’ note pass by without mentioning the joy and delight that it was to meet Susanna who created the amazing art in Water.

Susanna - the Illustrator & Evelyn Wong

Susanna – the Illustrator & Evelyn Wong

Day 1 – Done!


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