Asian Festival of Children’s Content 2013 – Day 2

NOW the fun begins ….

So today contained lots of bits of speaking for me that included a little bit of moderating, a bit of speaking on a panel titled Transforming Facts into Riveting Reading (which we three thought was a very misleading title) and lots of board meeting speaking … and tonight was the lecture and prize giving ceremony for the winner of the Singtel Picture Book Award that I was a judge for.

It was a fun panel this morning with Mio and Shirin. Rather than prepared talks and slides we had a conversation between us about creating the books and what makes our fact based books riveting reading … and at least everyone left the room knowing about our books (it’s always a buzz talking about yourself) and also knowing about the necessity for accuracy and checking facts. On more than one occasion I mentioned about birds and other animals being the correct terminology! Of course when I started talking about Python, Mio prodded for my zoo tale about my python too. And as usual me sitting behind a desk or standing in one spot on stage didn’t work. I roamed the room! Much more fun! Thank goodness for cordless microphones.

with Shirin, Mio and Corrine

with Shirin, Mio and Corrine

But very importantly for me there are Pythons on display, not the slithering kind, but the picture book kind and they have the stickers there too … the kind that says your book has been shortlisted. Nice one that. And even nicer was the fact that the bookstore had Python on a stand.

Stickered Python

Stickered Python

AFCC is evolving with the featured country and the festival is growing in attendance and prestige. This year too there has been the addition of seminars and the YA sessions added, as well as the adventures into other growing literary medium.

Tonight the annual Lit Lecture was delivered … istory was the title, and daring to read literature with an emphasis too on telling one’s own story, a delightful theatrical presentation on the power of the book, and then the awarding of the prizes. it is such a joy to see the delight on the faces of the folks as they receive recognition for their creation with the mine, the plaques and the recognition to go along with it. And there were some wonderful works created.

And the report of this day’s events would not be complete without a commentary on the food so to complete today’s offering here are a few snaps from our attack at the restaurant tonight. Delicious.

Day 2 – done.


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