Hong Kong – Last Day

What a blast this has been our trip to Hong Kong.

This last day, day 8 was a few days ago … in fact nearly a week so it is way overdue.

We weren’t flying out until late in the afternoon so first it was a stroll around the area where we were staying and once again we discovered more unknown parts of Hong Kong. That’s it. We just HAVE to return – again. We uncovered shops selling items that are purchased for offerings in the nearby temples like paper shirts and another garden shop with the fattest Pitcher Plants I have seen for yonks! Not sure how well these shirts will be received! Then it was a quick morning tea – that instead became lunch with the relatives at the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Unfortunately I forgot that to feast in the Dining Room requires one to wear a collared shirt (normally I carry a shirt but not this time) and no jeans are allowed … so we still feasted there in another room. Then back to the hotel, a few last pics from the hotel room window (the ropes for the window cleaner were finally elsewhere and the morning mist had lifted) and pack bags rapidly (mostly it was done the night before but there is always the last minute room check and hidden pieces nearly forgotten) because we had a lift straight out to the airport – the Airport Express from Hong Kong is great but nothing beats a direct lift in a car.

This place is excitement … the food, the people, the wonderfully efficient running public transport (waiting three minutes for the train is a long wait), the food, the mega amount of building work – with bamboo poles for scaffolding lashed together with nylon ties never ceases to amaze me, the crazy driving yet we didn’t see an accident or tow trucks (although there are heaps of shops the size of one and a half cars doing mechanical works – they use the street as well), the huge buildings … multi-storeys high, the temples, the buzz, the shopping, the streets and the lanes, did I mention the food – and the wonderful relatives … just a fun exciting place.

We purchased a few goodies on top of the already numerous purchases that have been made for the wardrobe (a few special wife and husband cakes and I found my tea), a snack in the club lounge, and we were soon sitting on our plane back to OZ.

Hong Kong done … for the moment!


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