Little Lit Fest

Next stop Manila …

And now I am forever spoilt in terms of festival accommodation for here I am tonight staying in the Manila Hotel (they don’t just have slippers – the slippers are even embroidered). This would have to be up there with the ver best of hotels that i have ever been in … well at least up there with the hotels I stayed in in India! Oh and Hemmingway stayed here – overlooking the bay, as do I.

If you go by just the number of pillows (10 and embroidered) then this is right at the top …

Count those pillows

Count those pillows

If you go by the dining facilities then this is right at the top …

The Dining Setting

The Dining Setting

If you go by the security at the front door then this is right at the top (maybe a little OTT).

Tonight’s dinner with Andrea, Marcus, Camille, and April (we forgot a picture) was in the Champagne Room (it must be special with its own webpage) which has glass sculptured palm trees and exquisite service. The food … rather spectacular. i sampled escargot and then feasted on seafood lasagne.

But as this is not all about the food, after all i am here for a book gathering, I guess I should add a few notes about the absolutely wonderful Little Lit Fest.

I left the hotel in Singapore before the sun had risen, had breakfast in the lounge and before I knew it was landing at Manila airport. Thankfully, Andrea had organised a hotel car to take me straight here (did  mention how gorgeous this hotel is) whereupon I made a lightning fast change and unpacked a bag to gather books and headed out to the Mueseo Pambata, our festival venue. A quick bite, a little drink and then I began my first session … In Conversation with ME. Not bad getting to talk about myself, but working in craft and creation too. Andrea and I had worked out about 20 questions in Singapore, but after I had read from Sounds Spooky and Python, and answered a few questions … we only reached number 2 on the list! Sigh!

A kids book written by Noel Cabangon (rather mega here) was launched as part of the festival (some folks just swooned and they weren’t kids either,  then dinner and now to recline for the night!

Nice one this!


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