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Last year at AFCC (Asian Festival of Children’s Content) I was chatting with the Chair of the AFCC board, Claire Chiang, and we were discussing books and other avenues AFCC could undertake. We thought a book with the proceeds going to further the endeavours of AFCC would be invaluable and of course Claire suggested that I write the text for that work. And here it is fresh from the computer screen – Water – with gorgeous illustrations created by Singapore’s Susanne Goho-Quek. Hopefully too the book will be picked up by other countries because the layout for the text has been designed such that it can be presented in multilingual format. For this edition though … straight English!

Water front cover

The plan is for the book to be launched at the SCBWI dinner at the AFCC, along with the compilation bibliography Project Splash! Asia. And I have just seen that too and wow! What a wonderful list. Project Splash! Asia is a celebration of water-themed stories from Asia and the authors and illustrators from the region and around the world whose works release the floodgates of imagination, waves of creativity and the pure joy of reading that draws us into a lifelong learning adventure!. More on Project Splash! Asia soon.

The turn around for this book has been amazing. Susanna’s luscious illustrations were created in next to no time and then Kenneth Quek, Assistant Director, National Book Development Council of Singapore and Singapore’s SCBWI regional advisor pulled out all the stops and the book has been created. Can’t wait to hold this in my hands.

Folk who look closely at the books will see a few footprints in the illustrations. This is what Susanna said about those feet:
Oh do you know when I came back from Hong Kong festival I met a lady carrying her baby Ben, on the plane. He was the bestest baby ever and I sort of traced his foot and he gurgled with pleasure. Those are his footprints…

More on Water very soon!

Water full cover


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  1. How exciting Chris. I look forward to getting my hands on a copy at AFCC. Love the cover!

    corinne robson May 16, 2013 at 3:11 pm Reply

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