Chatting over Pancakes

… well we were at a Pancake Harbour Square in Manila – although I didn’t see much pancake consumption!

It is always a thrill to spend time with other SCBWI chapters around the world and it surely was on Saturday morning when I caught up for lots of chatting with the SCBWI Philippines crew gathered by Beaulah and Nikki. Six eager beavers turned up – who I sure hope are going to join SCBWI. I gave them a sampling of what was on the SCBWI palette. Beaulah had promoted the gathering as a Meet The Author / Booktalk (the Philippines crew chat roundtable style about books) but it really ended up with lots and lots and lots of listening to Chris because, as anyone who knows me will announce, I always have a lot to tell!! I did a few critques and chatted about the publishing industry and answered a whole book of questions that included about design, crafting, manuscript development, writing and illustrating and even a tad on digital books … and of course I chatted about AFCC.

One of the folk who was at the brunch had also been at the Little Lit Fest in Manila for the previous two days where she attended ALL my sessions – very brave of you Mariel. She has added her thoughts on the SBWI Philippines website. She also entered her manuscript in the First Pages workshop. Thankfully I must have said all the right things and not been heavy handed as I think I was, and I must have given valuable insight too because Mariel shared her story with the folk and let me add more to the discussion too.

I guess one of the wonderful things about being able to do a session like this was that a lot of the folk would not be able to attend a normal gathering for critique and conferences and workshops because of limitations on travel or just the sheer cost, so being able to do this is invaluable. And anyway I love it!

at SCBWI Philippines

with SCBWI Philippines

Just a delight being in Manila again and working with the National Book Development Board this time for the Little Lit Fest. They have thrown some images on Facebook too! Hope to see you all sometime soon down the writing track.

Of course as you surely know by now this trip to Singapore for the Asian festival of Children’s Content and to Manila for the Little Lit Fest has been ALL work and no play! Truly! Would I lie to you … I am a children’s author!

Next stop … Home!


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