Little Lit Fest – Day 2

Oh what a day …

I wanted to snaffle every little child who came to my middle session and take them home with me. These kids were gorgeous!

The festival crew (thank you Camille ad Andrea) organised for me the most gorgeous bunch of young children from a local orphanage to come to one of my slots for a story telling session. I worked hard – HARD – HARD but it was the most wonderful and most exhilarating and most fantasmagorical time. Of course things didn’t quite go to plan. I had to very rapidly adjust my original thoughts for creating a story with the kids as these were a younger crew of children – with English not being their first language. Python was the first story but that quickly became an explanation of the pictures in Python instead. The kids loved it – talking about the pictures. Then we jumped to animal stories, a reading of Sounds Spooky and then another reading – this time with the actions. That was a hit! So glad I remembered about that one. Of course animals are adored so a few zoo tales – simple and short and the youngsters laughed in all the right places so they understood at last some of what I was talking about. They certainly understood when I talked about being pooped on by some of the animals and they loved doing the actions. And we jumped (nearly literally) back to Sounds Spooky but this time it was all action and all go and there was lots and lots of shouting … I loved it!

After an hour and a bit I was totally done so then it was time for some music and the kids sang a song for me … awwww, sweet, gooey inside I became! These kids, so small and so wonderful and so loving are rather special. Those smiles — infectious and the kids just buzzed the whole time, and continued the smiles as they left, each with a bag of books. Super!

Today’s activity also included a workshop on creating covers, a sample get was supplied, and of course a sumptuous breakfast … must get photos tomorrow.

Later this afternoon, after a first page critique panel with lots of hints and thoughts and suggestions, it was time to meet the folks from the Australian Embassy. For a few weeks now there has been much communication between us and it was great to see Nicholas McCaffrey, +JP+, and other Embassy folks with a few kids from the Kuya Centre for Street Children that the Embassy’s Direct Aid Program supports. We chit chatted a while. We were asked a few questions, we gave a few answers and then read a few books. I am proud to be an aussie and so buzzed that our embassy crew wants to come and meet and to see the action that goes on as an Australian children’s author waving our flag abroad!

And so to dinner … well we were rather tired but a whole bunch of us rolled up to a seafood restaurant down the road a tad and feasted. So hungry was I (or maybe it was so tired was I) that the only photo I remembered to take was desert! Mango Crepe!

Mango Crepe - yummy!

Mango Crepe – yummy!

So there we go. Little Lit Fest done and dusted. Thanks Andrea for calling me abroad, back to Manila again and organising another splendid conference. I sure had a blast.


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