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What excitement it was at Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College.

As well as being a fun workshop, a lovely happening occurred at the end of the workshop. As I was gathering my goods and chattels together, and after a thunderous round of applause, and after guzzling a bottle of water, two of the students presented me with a handmade box containing two volumes of their own school writing, chocolates and a gorgeous gift – handmade shortbread with scrumptious chocolate icing and the words:

Dear Chris
Your best book is yet to come
What a blast (someone has read my website very well)
with love

… Now that I have consumed all the scrumptious biscuits I can still remember what they were because the box also included  a lovely bookmark – a photograph of the box and the contents! Delicious!

Very, very thrilled!

Thanks to Candy for sending me these photos.

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