SCBWI @ Bologna

SCBWI will be at Bologna in 2014.

Bologna Book Fair can be a daunting place and every second year for the past few years SCBWI has had a booth showcasing the PAL works of our members and we are once again there in 2014 so this would be the perfect year if members are considering going to Bologna.

Interested? Then here is the beginning of my article about coming to Bologna in 2014:

Are you thinking of taking a European vacation in 2014? Then why not time it to coincide with the 5th biannual SCBWI Bologna showcase? Since 2006 the SCBWI has maintained a presence at the Bologna Book Fair every two years, showcasing the works of our PAL members from around the world.

Our most recent 2012 showcase, staffed by attending Regional Advisors or their representatives from chapters worldwide, was held last year and presented a highly professional and distinctive booth with the handcrafted SCBWI logo, hundreds and hundreds of books, posters, and SCBWI information.

Want more? Then the full article can be read here: Bologna article.

SCBWI global map

SCBWI global map


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  1. Very tempting, Chris…especially now that I’ve finally gotten my international feet wet (or fortunately, not wet, as the flights were smooth and went up and came down as planned) on my trip to Singapore for the 2013AFCC. It was a pleasure to hear your zookeeper stories and one of my only regrets is that I didn’t purchase a copy of Python and have you sign it. 🙂 I’ll share your post…it sounds like an amazing event. I know several people who were there last year – Julie Hedlund for one, who spoke on the digital frontier. Thanks for the early warning heads-up!

    viviankirkfield June 6, 2013 at 5:26 pm Reply

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