Writing in Hong Kong

This is a lightning fast trip to Hong Kong and the first port of call for this trip was to a school in the New Territories – Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College for a two hour Writing Workshop. We spent time looking at story starting ideas, ways of playing with words, different types of story and we chatted about stories. We also decided that the stories definitely do not have have to be long, long, long. And that meant we could look at writing verse and picture book text too. What more do I want to say about the 32 students who were working with me?

Thank you for your writing work with me (I do want to se your finished work).
Thank you for your great questions (and do keep asking questions).
Thank you for your fun and excitement (lots of jokes too) … and my stomach says …
Thanks for the lusciously wonderful shortbread biscuits that you made for me. Unfortunately they are NOT going to make it back home to Australia. I have been sharing them with my relatives here and alas – we have eaten nearly all of them.

And thank you too for sharing your writing anthologies with me which I will read on the flight home. I love reading your work. I am looking forward to reading the finished Water pieces that you have created when they are compiled into a book. It is also such a delight to be here in Hong Kong and seeing encouragement from school staff (like their teacher Lily Liu and the Principal Daniel Chan) for students to write creatively – and not just for exams.

This is exam time for the students all over Hong Kong and the students who spent time with me had already completed many of their exams. You had great ideas and wonderful thoughts so I do hope that you keep crafting your writing. And I just love visiting these schools so thanks to Gavin and Candy for arranging my visit … and for lunch too!

Watch this space for some exciting news about what we are planning to do in Hong Kong … hopefully during the next school year!

Writing Workshop

Writing Workshop @ Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College

A photo of me in action above and more to come here soon. Would you believe I forgot to take get some snaps taken with my camera so thanks for this one Candy!


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  1. Thank you Chris for being a great Ambassador for Australia! The students loved having you here. Looking forward to seeing you more!

    Gavin McDougall June 26, 2013 at 11:54 am Reply

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