Here We Go

The folks have started rolling in to town and it is wonderful. Shortly, the 42nd SCBWI Summer Conference begins. We arrived at the hotel at lunchtime on Wednesday BEFORE we left Sydney (it’s time travel, but not in a Tardis!) on our slightly delayed flight. (We never did see the passengers from a late arriving flight board our plane.) It is always such a thrill and delight seeing the gathering folks from all over the world … folks who love kids books! Lots of chatting and catching up about all the happenings for the past 12 months, hugging and back slapping followed by dinner at Steve and Sally’s last night. And many an Australian flag sticker has made it onto the lanyards of Regional Team members.

Having barely slept the night before we left Australia, and not sleeping on the plane (as is usual) it was a welcome feeling to finally hit the bed last night – and then sleep all the way through till 10am! Luxury! Today was a continuation of the catchups as well as a few meetings. Our Regional Team gathering was a time for sharing secrets and finding commonalities which, for our group, was the fact that we all have sung in choirs. So how did we let them all know? Where other groups had one person reveal the discovered commonality we all stood out the front and sang!

Today was also the introduction of Teddy Eddie to the world. He will be coming up in a few photos over the next short while …

… So let the conference begin!

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