Hi St Gerard’s Carlingford

I knew that I had arrived at the right address for St Gerards Primary School at Carlingford because out the front of the school on their large notice board was this sign announcing ME as their visiting author.

St Gerards Notice Board

St Gerards Notice Board

That was lovely  and I knew exactly where this school was located because it was around the corner from the house where used to live! What a lovely school and the library is just terrific. It was grand as well to see a collection of my books and some posters and signs too for me and my books.

Lots of great questions from these kids about my ideas and movtivation for writing, and even one asking me why I would want to write when I could be doing other things – like playing sport. Little did he know that my sporting prowess is not of award material! We talked about the teachers and their brains already being filled to total fullness  so it was up to the students to write and edit and rewrite those stories … not the teacher through their corrections!

The library also has team of Grade 6 students who do an enormous amount of work in the library so they were able to feast on pizza with their librarian and with me. It’s a great idea and I thoroughly enjoyed the feasting with the kids. As well as snaffling the pizza (there were four boxes of pizzas but no left over slices!) they were able to have a more intimate Q&A with me. Luckily I had on my best table manners and avoided the dribbling cheese!

A lovely day at Carlingford!

St Gerards Lunch

St Gerards Lunch


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  1. Thanks Chris, the students of St Gerard’s really enjoyed your visit and thanks to your website they are also continuing to enjoy your work. Cheers

    Mary Hunt September 3, 2013 at 12:19 pm Reply

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