Hi St John’s Woy Woy

Last week was the official Children’s Book Council of Australia Book Week here in Australia and it was the first time in all the years I have been doing Book Week (since Night Creatures was published way back last century) that I have not been in the country and visiting schools. I was of course over in the USA tripping around and having a wonderful time so for me Book Week begins this week and what a great to school to start with for my Book Week visits.

So my Read Across the Universe (the theme for Book Week this year) began when I cruised along the motorway to Woy Woy straight to the front door of St John the Baptist Primary School at Woy Woy and then over the next few hours spoke to all the students in the school. We chatted about creating books and writing ideas, and crazy teachers. My shortlisted title Python got an extra helping of inquisitive questions about the life of pythons and like so many people they adored Mark’s terrific illustrations. Sounds Spooky received it’s own roaring fun as we chanted and made spooky noises! I sure hope the ears are now not vibrating from the Sounds Spooky screams!

The teacher librarian, Ann Hall, has a wonderful tent in the middle of the library where each class sits but with combined classes for my three session we well and truly went outside the tent. The tent was also adorned with terrifically made Python chains and Python heads and one of the students, who has corn snakes in her house, had contributed her snake’s slough to the display. That was stupendous.

Thanks for having me with you at your school!

St John Primary School

St John Primary School


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