With the fantasmagorical Tomie

How magical.

Tomie, Bini & Chris

Tomie, Bini & Chris

Knowing that we were in the New England neck of the woods, an essential component of our trip to New York was a visit to my beautiful friend Tomie dePaola who I have known for yonks! And that is where we spent much of Monday. We arrived at Tomie’s abode around lunchtime after checking in to the wonderful local hotel and that is where we stayed for the rest of the day and much of the evening. We chatted and chatted and shared story after story, reflected on Tomie’s visits to Sydney way back when I was working in my book selling days, and told many SCBWI tales too.

What a delight. What fun. What a lovely, lovely friend.

There was a garden tour, a house tour (with Tomie’s delightful collection of folk art) and a studio tour. Then, while we three were perched in the kitchen chit chatting and supping a cup of tea, Bini spied an object sitting on Tomie’s spice shelf. It was this little yellow truck. This little yellow truck is now securely packed in my luggage ready for the homeward trip to Australia … Tomie was given this when he was in Singapore but felt that our abode is where it belonged. So how lucky am I?!

Cheng's truck

Cheng’s truck

We three continued our time together over dinner. Sorry, no food photos tonight but the meals we consumed were delectable!

We also were privileged to see some of Tomie’s new work – and had a sneak peak at his latest Strega Nona Book (coming out late September) and a book of poems that he has illustrated. The poems are delightful! More glorious books to share. Thanks to Bob for snapping the photo of us three after we came back from dinner. And to Tomie, thanks for the lovely day spent with you! Hugs and hugs to you.

We shall return!

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