Hi Strathfield South Public School

NOW I know why my website had such a lot of visitors on Tuesday!!

Hi to stage 3 from Strathfield South Primary School. I had such great fun with you all and I SO did love seeing the work you have created.

Lots of work have been done in stage three studying New Gold Mountain and The Melting Pot so we talked about writing historical fiction and researching and gathering the information from Primary Sources.

Much work too has also been done with my shortlisted title Python and it was superb reading the work of year 6 who had read my book and then crafted delightful Python ballads. They used Python with its factual and narrative strands to gather their own writing points and then they crafted their own Python ballads – just brilliant. Will be snaffling some of those works to add to my Python page.

Strathfield South Year 6 Pythons

Strathfield South Year 6 Pythons

Another class has also taken Python as a model for creating their own rainforest-themed animal books written — illustrated in Python style of course. It was a delight reading the narratives and also discovering the facts they had discovered about their animals. That takes a lot of work crafting a narrative stream as well as a factual stream within the one work. They had also prepared some very throughful questions to ask me about writing and my writing process.

And as I was leaving the library I spied the growing display from my visit … the ballads and books and lots more work will be added here.

SO, lovely faces. Great questions. Lots of smiles. Thanks to their teacher librarian Mrs Goes and the teachers who so enthusiastically encouraged the classes to create and love reading! Well done Strathfield South!

Library Display

Library Display

With Karen Goes (Teacher Librarian)

With Karen Goes (Teacher Librarian)


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  1. Hi Chris,

    Thanks heaps for coming along to Strathfield South PS to visit Stage 3. We know you are heaps busy so we appreciate your time.

    We learnt a lot about all the hard work required to create a book and loved all the little tips that you provided us to help us with our writing.

    5H September 5, 2013 at 11:41 am Reply

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