Hi Hurstville South

Tuesday was way too much fun at Hurstville South Primary School. Congratulations and heaps of thanks to Linda Blake the teacher librarian (so valuable are teacher librarians) for undertaking such a splendid day. Linda had organised for her years 3-to 6 students and 15 students each from Connells Point, Bald Face, Blakehurst, Beverly Hills, Oatley, Oatley West, and Peakhurst schools to gather. That was terrific seeing the local schools joining in the celebrations too. And it was brilliant being able to present at the day with my lovely friends Sarah Davis and Deb Abela. It’s a huge task organsing days like this so congrats multiple times to Linda and all the Hurstville Crew.

We were chatting to the primary students about inspirations ideas and specifically for me about taking facts to then create fiction. I was in the kindergarten assembly hall and so those classes had to close the doors as I was a little loud – which happens with a telling or two of Sounds Spooky!!

Over lunch I discovered the library walls and it was just wonderful to hear the stories and the buzz that the students and staff had discovering Python. The pics below are part of the wall display! Excellent.

After our sessions we three camped in the larger assembly hall signing books. That took ages! Linda had also organised a book fair to run featuring our books of course, while we were there so it was just super signing multiple copies of my books! Another clever idea – a raffle for our books was on during our signing.

Lotsafun at Hurtsville South.

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  1. Looks like a great day for everyone involved, Chris! I’m so glad you are able to work together with the schools…a great benefit to the kids, for sure!

    viviankirkfield October 30, 2013 at 11:49 pm Reply

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