Shortlisted for IMAGinE

IMAGinE my surprise when I received an email from Michael at the PowerHouse Museum advising me that Inventions has been shortlisted in the IMAGinE awards, from the Museums and Galleries association of NSW in the Education & Audience Development over 20 staff category (there are a bunch of categories).

From the website:


The IMAGinE awards recognise the people who work in museums and galleries across NSW and the contributions they make. IMAGinE celebrates all institutions–the big to the small–and pays homage to those organisations run by volunteers, with limited budgets and minimal resources.

M&G NSW first launched IMAGinE in 2008 in collaboration with Museums Australia (NSW & ACT) and Regional & Public Galleries NSW. Since then they have become our most popular event receiving around 70 nominations each year.


Very Surprised!

Thanks heaps to Michael and Judith at the Museum for nominating the book.




Nominee - Inventions

Nominee – Inventions


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  1. Congrats, Chris! That is wonderful.:)

    viviankirkfield October 28, 2013 at 3:37 pm Reply

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