Hello India

Beep, Beep, Beep.
Honk, Honk, Honk.

… it just has to be INDIA and that is most certainly where I am and it is an absolute thrill to back here again. This time the purpose is multifold. The Bookaroo kids lit festival is on this weekend and I am doing two sessions there. One talking about Python and another on Water. But it is SCBWI that has pulled me over to Delhi this time … especially the fantastic Regional Advisor Anushka Ravishankar. SCBWI India is growing leaps and bounds and early this year Anushka and I were chatting about holding a gathering to inspire and encourage Indian children’s book creators so here I am.

Today has really been a day of sensory delight and stimulation. First were the sounds, with smell very closely behind:

I arrived Wednesday morning and was greeted with that glorious all to familiar Indian symphony Beeping in C Major – those symphonic car horn sounds, and the air a little thick and warm (its not hot by Indian standards). But I really knew I was in India when I was being driven to my hotel. The driving here – that is an art. And Anushka drives over here so she is multi-talented! The driving in lanes – well that is rather ambiguous. There might be lines on the road (most times they are not there at all) but it is the vehicles themselves, the cars and the bikes and the scooters that create the lanes. The cars are so close that not only can you see the tyre brands but you can see that the tyres have NO treads!

Wednesday was my first SCBWI gathering – a members only gig – that was supposed to be about marketing and social marketing but instead became a “welcome to the new SCBWI website” show-and-tell with a touch of blogging and website discussion at the end (see folks – I have already blogged about the first gathering and it has gone out on all my social network links too). The general consensus – what a brilliant and fantastic tool is the new SCBWI site. And then it was time for my tasting senses to be stimulated as Anushka, Rukhsana Khan (from Canada) and Samina Mishra (who is on Anushka’s advisory team) went out for dinner. My first Indian feast for this trip was another sensory delight. The curries tonight were delicious and HOT and SPICEY which I don’t often eat at home. They don’t make curries like that in Sydney. Yummm.

with Sumina Mishra

with Sumina Mishra

feasting - curries

feasting – curries

An Indian wedding is a mixture of senses. Sound is everywhere with the banging of drums and the playing of stinger instruments but so very much the sight is glorious … COLOUR is everywhere and especially in the clothes that the men and women wear. How do I know? Because on my arrival back at the hotel after fulfilling the needs of the taste buds the hotel entrance was bathed in poles festooned with lights that transformed the entrance from night into day and the guests attired in exquisitely coloured formal wear were everywhere. The driver had to drop me out on the street (an experience to behold as cars zip zoomed around and close by) and then I had to find the hotel entrance which as swamped with all manner of wedding regalia, Indian style … but after asking directions the entrance was located and I was escorted right up into the hotel. And where did I walk? Along the RED carpet that the wedding party were walking. It was crazy fun being part (sort of) of the wedding! I smiled and waved nicely for the cameras. I wonder what they will think looking back at the wedding footage!

Day one in India done.

Bookaroo 2013

Bookaroo 2013


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  1. Ah, so that’s where you are! Sounds absolutely grand!

    teresafannin November 22, 2013 at 11:06 am Reply
  2. it is glorious … except for the smog! but love it here!

    Chris Cheng November 22, 2013 at 10:06 pm Reply

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