Hi Comboyne

Where is Comboyne? Mid north coast NSW.
Are you really in Comboyne? You bet …

the school

the school

It is an absolute thrill for me to be tripping around visiting schools near Port Macquarie in NSW visiting a bunch of the small schools in the area. And Tuesday found me at the delightful Comboyne Primary School and what lovely classrooms they do have.


There are classrooms for the usual teaching (the three R’s and a few other subjects as well) but that wasn’t my favourite classroom at this school. My favourite classroom at this school was the kitchen (and of course the garden attached). This school is part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation and the year six girls, using the vegetables from their very own rich school garden, cooked a magical scrumptious and irresistible lunch … Caramelised Onion and Roasted Beetroot Pizza (the girls made the dough) and salad, followed by Lemon Curd Tarts for desert. Scrummy. Yummy. Delicious. Give me more …… please! And the gardening is successful. One of the local shops has placed a regular order so some of the plots are being converted for those essentials herbs and vegetables. Brilliant. And as can be seen from this photo the chefs all enjoyed their cooking!

the cooks

the cooks

Of course I wasn’t just at Comboyne to sample the delectable treats that had been created in the kitchen. I was also at Comboyne to do a little chit chatting as well as the feasting! And so I was talking to the students about my books and this writer’s life with a special chat about the Asia Australia focus of my historical fiction titles.

Thanks Comboyne for the wonderful lunch and thanks for the great questions.

kitchen garden


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  1. Thanks for coming to Comboyne. You were really funny and I really enjoyed the part were you turned me into an alien, and the part were you told us all about the history of the gold fields because I really like history, I am also really happy that you liked our lunch.

    Grace McKenzie (The alien)

    Grace McKenzie November 8, 2013 at 2:52 pm Reply

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