SCBWI wings in India

A slow start began Thursday morning with accompanying serenading from the passing vehicles on the ten lane roadway seven floors below. Ah the joyous cacophony of sound that is the vehicle moving slowly (not zooming) by.

And … of course it wouldn’t be the night time at this hotel without a wedding celebration. Yes. There is ANOTHER wedding gathering going on downstairs. This time the side entrance to the hotel not only has lights glowing but it also has a complete red awning and canopy with accompanying decorations and bunting and beautification! And I thought that the Chinese were the only ones who went all out for bright and bold and stand-out weddings! Not so! And at 9 pm it has only just started. A segment of the bridal party is right now parading down the hallway outside my hotel room (and this is the quiet end) while being filmed – and then coming back for a second (or is it third) attempt at the filming from a different angle! There are numerous portable lights being carried that would make any professional photographer green with envy and numerous assistants and directors.

Slight interruption while I consume dinner (at 9.30 at night) but I won’t tell Bini as I will surely get into trouble!


Late this afternoon was a session for all and it was thrilling to have nearly 50 folks in the room at the Habitat Centre. I kicked off the gathering advising folks about SCBWI, the benefits of membership and some of the many things that SCBWI has to offer … hopefully the membership numbers will increase in the ever growing SCBWI India chapter! Then I was a panelist on a session about ebooks and apps and soaring books! (As I type there is much rhythmical banging of drums continuing seven floors below – harmonised by the ever present car horns of varying pitch and intensity). My task done I then was able to listen to the last session on books crossing boundaries and being published internationally.

And then after all that chatting and listening it was time to retire with a few of Anushka’s team for drinks and some unwinding. Three cheers to Anushka for a job well done organising the event – harmonious sounds of multiple piped car horn coming from the road agree with me!

It was also a delight to catch up with Uma Krishnaswami who is also here for Bookaroo.

Why I don’t drive in India – way too close:

Not so Close!

Not so Close!

Another day in India – done!

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  1. At least you ate!!!!

    Bini November 22, 2013 at 3:49 pm Reply

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