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So Sunday’s Bookaroo programme for me didn’t quite start out the way that it was planned but it sure ended up being a most wonderful session.

I was due to talk about Water to younger kids but come 11 o’clock when it was due to start there was no one around the Gallery where I was scheduled to talk. Nearby though were some of the students from the Taktse International School in the Himalayas. I bumped into a few of the students yesterday when I was caught in that long signing session and we chatted a little about writing and more about life. They were disappointed that they weren’t going to get to chat with me but low and behold things worked out quite amazingly for the session that they began with wasn’t to their liking and suddenly a few of their señor students were around the tent where I was located. And so began a session with them on the craft of picture books and writing and illustrations of all sorts. Soon my session was filled with Taktse students (and some of their teachers) and it was a most enthralling and wonderful time for me. We sat on the floor and looked at the illustrations for my picture books, discussed how they were created, posed some other probabilities and possibilities and how the text was written. Thanks to you all for making my day so much fun! Then after my session off to the signing tent I went (again). This photo below was snapped when i wandered around … What a lovely lot!

at Bookaroo with Takste students

at Bookaroo with Takste students

A bite to eat in the author’s tent and then a walk around taking some snaps and seeing some of the others in action and then … it was 3.30 and time for me to be collected by Aparna and head off to the airport bound for Kolkata.

And in between I also returned two signed lost books to their owner – who wasn’t told they were missing by her parents (they had emailed me the night before … mine being the only email address they had) and they were desperate! Books and reader reunited and all (including parents) are happy! And thanks Kishan for that elephant illustration.

And here we are, late at night, well perched in the Oberoi Grand Hotel – this hotel with its ornate and grand wooden features oozing an old world charm could quite possibly be the most spectacular hotel I have stayed in and I might like to stay here for a little while!


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