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So day 2 in Kolkata after a mostly restful night. I even woke to birds chirping in the trees outside my windows – or were they birds! Aparna read that there are ghosts in this hotel. They didn’t disturb me (I don’t think) although the room that I was going to be given to me was right next to the ghostly closed wing! Rather opportune since my session at my first and last schools were about Ghostly Tales and Halloween.

First off was a session at Apeejay School, Anand that was designated for older students but this school also gathered some of the local younger kids too and so that meant that not only was I chatting to the high school kids but there were very young ones as well. Doesn’t matter – Sounds Spooky will work with all ages and they DID want a chat about Gothic Tales & Halloween! And yes, as with all the other shools the kids jumped out of their seats in the next to final spread of my sounds spooky narration. This school was well prepared for me with the students having done oodles of research into me and my books. And one students copy of my image from the website – just terrific.

Then back into the car (the driver was better than the first but he had a rather hard time finding the school in Salt Lake – seems they weren’t accustomed to that area) to another La Martiniere School – this one for Girls, again for older students, with talking by me and then lots of question time. Of course questions time relies on me not talking too long so the questions were asked, but not as many as wanted. The school also had their own photographers for video and stills so there was lots of camera action going on. This school wasn’t on my original schedule but the librarian here had been at another school which the High Commission had visited with an author and as soon as she heard that I was coming to town she jumped up and down in their office and with the commission to grab me! And as before in the other large schools I didn’t stick to my allocated spot on the stage. I had to get down into the body of the hall to the girls listening to me. And with my session here done all the students and teachers stood as I plunged my bits and pieces into my bag and left the room. It really is quite a spectacular feeling inside these schools as the buildings have a regal and authentic grace about them. And it was quite amazing watching Aparna having to deal with school security too … things must not be done in the improper way – there are rules and there are procedures to entering and leaving a school and these must be followed! So loved seeing this school too.

Chatting ... and cameras too.

Chatting … and cameras too.



Then back in the car for a longish drive out to do a session at another Apeejay School, Salt Lake. Again the school had a wall of the library filled with information about ME taking exerpts form my website of the things that I do and with some wonderfully specific commentary on some of my books. I love the reference to Python with the additional student text: Hunger is not so easy to put down. Hence, please keep your ears and eyes wide open! and for Sounds Spooky: … What will they get, a twitchy ‘trick or treat’ or a spookalicious scare?

and then school was done – mostly. Lunch was served in an office. The staff had already eaten so it was just Aparna and me feasting away on wonderfully HOT curry – my last sample of authentic Indian curry for this trip!!! That was then it. Back to the airport feeling totally cactus and the plane for Delhi and then homeward bound for Sydney. My luggage had grown quite strangely even after leaving books behind and giving some away at Bookaroo. Bini now has some very nice Saris, and the school gifts that i received were quite gorgeous but they all add more weight to my bag.

Loved visiting India – again!

Now if they could just stop those car horns!


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