15th Winter Conference Day 1

And now the conference really beings.

Here in the ballroom of the Grand Central Hyatt there are 1,085 delegates attending full time of which 867 women, 153 men, and 65 are unassigned (so what exactly were they if they were neither male or female)? The delegates come from 47 USA states and 20 countries around the globe. I think this is close to one of the largest contingent of international region representation ever …. yeah!

Lin and Steve always present a wonderful opening welcome to all the folk – sometimes with a few jokes thrown in as samples for the continuing conference joke contest. Then it is straight on to the keynotes.

Lin's Opening chat

Lin’s Opening chat

There are inspirational keynote speakers , insightful panels discussing topics like The Future of Authorship and Banned Books and where we stand –  and breakout sessions each day that have the theme of 7 Essentials You Need to Know About …. The full programme can be seen here. Rather than me ripping through the few talks I was able to attend, a thorough complete wrap up of all the talks can be found at the SCBWI conference blog – which of course was put together by the wonderful Team Blog crew!

The evening again was a spectacular Gala Reception with lots of mingling and chatting with members of our individual regions – but that never lasts long. many of us then floated and chatted with folks from all over the globe. And of course the all important food. Once again mashed potato in martini glass was a feature. And some like David Diaz just love to photo bomb!

The final evening activities for Day 1 which really for some of us was a flow on from the gala, were the socials (Internationals, New Members, GLBTHQ, Illustrators) and for us it was wonderful to see the gathering throng of international delegates where we shared information about our regions and met. It is amazing because I have communicated with some of the folk but to see them face to face is just great.

international social

international social

And the final comment for Day 1 is of the weather – it is COLD! but not freezing.

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  1. What a fantastic conference! It was nice to see you there, Chris. I enjoyed the speakers, panels, intensives, meeting new people–& the superb gala! The speakers were amazing–so inspiring, informative & often hilarious too! It was absolutely Great!!! Kudos to all who made it so special!

    Imogene Drummond February 26, 2014 at 2:17 am Reply

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