Wonderful Washington

What IS that white powder on the sidewalk?
Sidewalk? White powder?
… I must be in the USA.

carpark ice - its the only snap I took!

carpark ice – its the only snap I took!

Which of course is totally true — I am here for the 15th SCBWI Winter Conference. But first a few days to recover from my sleepless flight from Sydney … at least though on that flight I was able to wheedle away a few hours chit chatting with the flight attendants, one of whom recognised me from our flight last year. It’s a bit of a worry when that happens! Marnie and three other flight attendants are doing something wonderful and inspiring. They are climbing to the base¬†camp of Everest to raise money to pay for the medical expenses of a little Nepalese girl Hope, and the Nepalese Girls Home. More on that is here. Amazing!

But back to Washington … it is freezing cold here. They think it is warm because it is above zero but it is COLD … there is that white stuff on the ground! Thankfully my USA jacket and gloves are in tiptop condition and they are well used! No so my boots which collapsed on my first venture out into the Washington snow and ice. A little hydrolyses there! Over the two days here we visited the National Portrait Gallery to see the one hundred photos in the American Cool! photographic exhibition¬†(which was, I am sure it has been said – Cool!) but they also had NO magnets of the Gallery (and Bini will be saying that goodness!). A visit to the Ratner Museum was also undertaken but alas a big flood put a dampener on that as the main exhibition rooms (just about all the museum) were closed for renovation. We were whisked upstairs, maybe they sensed a little displeasure at there being no notification on the website, through to a workroom to see the amazing character sculptures … they are exquisite:

And food of course I have to mention food. First there is the wholesome over the counter feast at the local supermarket and there is the quite excellent fare obtained at Mrs K’s Tollhouse restaurant. One word – delicious, although the burgers at Moo Gourmet Burgers in King Street are better and the chips/fries are thicker too!!

So, that was a quick stopover in Washington DC. Next stop New York and the conference and catching up with wonderful friends!


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