More Bologna Learnings

Saturday is here and that means it’s MAGICAL. If you come to Bologna don’t miss spending time around the city on the weekend …

  • it’s foot traffic only on the streets around the Piazza Maggiore
  • musicians are all over the streets busking and playing wonderful sounds – mostly – except for the young hippie throwbacks who are sure they are being rebels and who think it is cool to have long hair and play the same repetitive rhythm. Of course we ALL know that it is glorious to have long hair.
  • other entertainers include slack rope walkers, artists painting by number (surely!), chalk artists, bad recorder players,
  • walking all over the streets is fun.

our other Saturday discoveries:

  • there are more beggars than before and they accost you sitting in the restaurants.
  • uncontrolled dogs and bicycles don’t go well together.
  • we wake to the sounds of chiming church bells and to confirm that we are in Italy the piano accordion man starts his tunes around  9 am on the walkway below.
  • there is way to much food from which to choose … which restaurant shall we done in tonight?
  • coffee is so cheap here – and it tastes like real coffee … bellissimo!
  • as are the sweet treats.
  • Italian waiters swan around like Italian waiters!
  • the streets are way too narrow for 4 wheeled vehicles to drive down … but they do it! Our taxi driver was amazing!
  • there are shops located all over the place down side streets and in alleyways – you never know what or where you will find them.

I have one question … As folks are already wearing padded jackets and overcoats in this rather mild weather, what do they wear when it gets really really cold?

Saturday views of Bologna –

Musicians – brass band,  jazz, concerto piano, and everything in between :

More entertainment:

A typical day of food this Saturday:

Brioche for breakfast; brioche for mid morning snack with a caffe latte; sweet bun for lunch, brioche to quell the afternoon hunger pangs AND guess what … no brioche for dinner but we did have one serving for two of Panna Cotta richly smothered in chocolate sauce will suffice. Oh and for a well balanced diet add a plate of grilled vegetables as well as a a main of Tagliatelle alla Bolognese (not spaghetti bolognese excuse me please – Bolognan’s don’t do that with their bolognese sauce!) and for Bini a plate of Spinach and Ricotta Tortenllini with gorgonzola and walnut sauce. So how did we consume this nourishing feast? Slowly and with salivating mouths and rumbling stomachs. And because we have been doing so much walking we will do it all again tomorrow.

And Charlie can you see how we got to Bologna?

to Bologna1

More soon from this beautiful town.

2 Responses to More Bologna Learnings

  1. Good to see you are enjoying the rich tapestry of Italian life. By the way it is a law that restaurants and cafes cannot refuse entry to beggars. They only remove them if they become too troublesome. They also can’t refuse flower sellers or YOU if all you need to do is use the bathroom. Keep eating, after all Bologna’s nickname is La Grassa which means the fat one (in a cute way). Mangia mangia raggazi.

    Marco Del Grande March 24, 2014 at 12:15 pm Reply
  2. Hi Chris,
    Fabulous to read about your explorations of Bologna. Sounds amazing! Wishing you and your party the very best at the Book Fair… Karen T 🙂

    Karen Tyrrell March 26, 2014 at 7:59 pm Reply

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