Buon giorno Bologna

We flew all night and now we are in Bologna – with a change of planes in London. And it feels sooooo right. We checked in to our hotel right near the piazza, and ten strikes of the bell from the local church greeted our opening of the door to our room. That too is soooo right! It seems like we were here just last week although it has been two years.

So our first day in Bologna. We have been:

  • walking around the local streets;
  • seeing the old old buildings and just admiring the beautiful stone work and the carvings;
  • watching the graduating students adorned with their laurel wreaths leading a parade of family and friends though the town to a restaurant to continue graduation celebrations (a tradition that stretches back to ancient Roman days – Bologna is the oldest continual operating university in the world). Some are clothed in quite bizarre costumes too. I think that is a new part of the tradition;
  • sitting in the piazza drinking latte macchiato and eating brioche; ah the pastries, ah the cafe, ah the food!!!
  • watching theĀ folks here wearing their thick padded coats and scarves (while I am sitting in the sun in a tshirt!) – of course many are attired in the most exquisite clothes – but then this is Italy after al!;
  • stumbling across amazing churches and other buildings.

… street views:

… afternoon tea in the piazza:

… our hotel:

Bologna views:

… amazing churches: this is santa mari della vita … and the Renaissance terracotta sculptures are just phenomenal. They were created hundreds of years ago (1400 and 1500s)

and graduating students gathering ….

gathering graduates

… oh this is sooooo excellent and just right!

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