Crazy Bologna

Well of course it is crazy! That is what I would call planes being cancelled from the USA that are delivering our display posters and people! And catching taxis here – that’s crazy too. The streets which these drivers manouver their cars are so phenomenally narrow! It is nothing to steer the car down a road barely wider than the  car. And crazy still are the jackets, the long, long jackets that folks are wearing – although it has now started to cool down a bit!

Each Bologna day has personal and regional showcases – and yeah to Susan Eaddy not only showcased her own wonderful clay illustrations and being coordinator for our duelling illustrators but she also showcased a box of books (complete with midwestern fence) from the Mid South chapter (USA).  Susan was also in Bologna in 2012 – all because her art was shortlisted in the 2012 Illustrator’s Display Gallery (now BIG). Yee Hah!

Other features of Bologna Book Fair:

  • First pages and portfolio consultations, general industry information and sharing the SCBWI story and news. are all part of the SCBWI booth at Bologna.
  • It is amazing to see the visual presence of some of the other booths – especially the big publishers.
  • The Illustrator advertising wall (or it is called something like that)  is a spectacular display of illustrators adverting promotion – although how one can find an illustrator in a wall hundreds of feet long is beyond me!. Illustrators attach – in whatever manner they choose – their contact details … what one night was white was the next day covered in many varied colours and shapes.
  • Illustrators Exhibition at the Fair and this year Bruce Whatley was on display – selected pictures in the gallery, including Bruce’s work from an amazing forthcoming book are here. Book store has its own pavilion.
  • And this year there has been an amazing explosion in the digital presence at the fair. The masterclass facilitated by my friend Warren and then a dedicated booth!

More Bologna Day One highlights …

  • The arrival of our display and promotional material – oh and of course the carriers, Chelsea and Sarah.
  • Duelling Illustrators – always a hit
  • We also went for a stroll and caught up with a few Aussies – Anne and Bruce.
  • SCBWI dance party – Bini even shook a little bit too!

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