Just About Done in Bologna!

And so to continue with more photos and more happenings in Bologna.

Wearing my AFCC hat I participated in a Malaysian presentation talking about ways organisations are addressing diversity in children’s literature, with a bit of SCBWI thrown in too. Then there was more networking and just a little bit of book discussion with a few publishers (more on that soon I hope).

And then came our wonderful (and I am biased) Duelling Illustrators. I had the privilege of having Doug Cushman and Paul Zelinsky duel over my manuscript and they were just brilliant. These gentleman even hammed up the duel by bickering over the enunciation of SCBWI during my introduction. Doug also drew a hand on paper with which to challenge Paul to the duel – and then it was on with both illustrators proffering drawing tools at 3 paces. Comedians or illustrators – I’m not sure! What a joy to see what they created.

Last activity for Wednesday was our post fair wrap dinner to discuss the booth (even through we still had a day to go). This meant that we had to miss the big gathering at the Australian stand and post gathering dinner – sigh! Maybe next time!  These photos are for my foodie neighbour! Yummy! The food was rather delicious but there is no menu! Quite an interesting way to feast! 

Now the fair is done and dusted for another year. There is not a lot of action on the final day. Quite a few of the booths have already packed up so just after lunch it was decided to join the throng (we were the only ones with books on shelves in our area). This was followed by an afternoon of walking and shopping with yet another cafe macchiatto (love that I get to pour in my own coffee) and sweet cake too, this time an apricot shortbread! As the sun slowly set and with hunger pangs calling (it was now time to relax) we headed to Neptune’s Fountain in Piazza Maggiore. It is the gathering place in that end of town where we caught up with Chelsea and Sarah for a quick hi and bye.

And so to dinner. On our many walks around the piazza and via Indipendenza we have uncovered lots of little restaurants tucked away in the side streets to which we have said “Ooh we must try that one” and tonight we did. Our restaurant Mangiassieme (via Falegnami 5b – I know you’ll want to go) was terrific. A bit rustic but oh so Italian and the tagliatelle au ragu – was just what was desired to quell the grumbling stomach for our last night in Bologna. They even do pizza but that is not what Bologna is known for (see – I am still learning more facts). We even chatted SCBWI over dinner to an Irish illustrator who recognised me from speaking at the fair! And all this followed by our final 2014 Bologna gelato cone and what is the temperature? A mere 11 degrees outside! These dining photos are a little late in the eating process … but you get the picture! 

Thank you one and all for a lovely Bologna – over and out … for now!

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  1. Ah, the no menu Italian dinner. I think it is one of the best ways of eating in Italy. Firstly if your Italian is limited to Ciao and Grazie, you avoid the English menu and that niggling feeling that the Italians around you are eating from a totally different menu. Secondly if you are game (foolhardy) enough to attempt the Italian menu, you may end up eating a part of the beast you normally wouldn’t have the stomach for. Good to see you gave yourself up to the waiter and the chef. Lucky you, the food looks delicious. I am sooooo jealous. London calling now and more food photos. Bini is always smiling. Must be the holiday and the food. Happy travels

    Marco Del Grande March 30, 2014 at 11:14 am Reply

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